Contact Information
Dave Littley


Some other applications I've programmed:

Hardware Interfaces

  • Paper testing machine interface. Data from the machine would go into a quality control database.
  • Weigh scale interface. The program controlled what was allowed on the scale (ie: couldn't dump the chips until the driver entered information into the program), as well as recorded weight measurements from the scale.
  • Radio Scanner interface. A program that talked to a radio controlled bar code scanner.

Point of Sale

My largest Visual Basic.NET application is a program called PRISM (Pawn-Retail-Inventory-Second Hand-Management). It is a point of sale system designed for pawn and second-hand stores. It includes:

  • Full customer information.
  • Inventory tracking.
  • Pawn loan tracking.
  • Consignment item tracking.
  • Links to web cam and scanner for customer identification purposes.
  • Dozens of financial reports.
  • Barcode label printing and scanning.
  • Automatic transmittal of pawn information to a RCMP web service.