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Dave Littley

Web Sites

Here are a few of the web applications I've programmed:

Shamrock Renovation and Construction Ltd.

Shamrock Renovation and Construction Ltd. is a simple, clean, four page web site for a small business in White Rock, BC.

Theo Digital Gallery

Theo Digital Gallery is a set of tools designed to help galleries easily generate and maintain a web site. The company behind this project currently has dozens of galleries using these tools. This software allows a gallery to easily manage their artists and artwork through a database driven administration section which includes image upload and editing functions.

Also, a gallery can keep track of their customers and send periodic newsletters containing images of their latest acquisitions.

This project was written in Classic ASP and extensively uses SQL Server.

Classic Gallery Framing

Classic Gallery Framing is a framing supplier in Kelowna, BC. They required a web site where they could display samples of their inventory and also allow customers to place orders directly from their web site.

All of the information on the site is stored in a database and an administration section allows the company owners to update their inventory list, upload and resize images, and edit much of the text on the site.

It is e-commerce enabled, allowing customers to buy frames online. Payment is handled through a connection to PayPal.

This project was written in Classic ASP and uses SQL Server.

Rice Weather Vanes

For this project, the client already had a set of e-commerce web sites up and running, however they were difficult to manage. The software package they were using required them to upload the entire site on every change to their product lists. Additionally, they wanted to have a seperate site which all of their sites could feed into to handle orders.

So, the existing web sites were retro-fitted to use Classic ASP with a SQL Server database storing all of the information. A sperate web site was created to handle orders. The formatting of the original web sites were retained as they had already been optimized for search engines.

Sadly, the above sites are no longer up, as their owner has retired.

Wiki Site

The software running Wikipedia is in the public domain and available to use for other web sites. As a side project, I tested it on a game system I've been involved with. It allows easy editing for everyone involved in the project.

Other Web Applications

In addition to the above web sites, I've programmed many 'in-house' web applications which run on a company's intranet.  The big advantage of using a web application as opposed to MS Access or a desktop application is that no software needs to be installed or maintained on a user's computer.  All they need is a web browser.

These applications typically use SQL Server as a database and I've written them using both Classic ASP and ASP.NET.