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Dave Littley


IBM Maximo Asset Management software provides asset lifecycle and maintenance management for all asset types on a single platform. It is used to help maximize the value of critical business and IT assets over their lifecycles with workflows by enforcing best practices that yield benefits for all types of assets, including transportation, production, delivery, facilities, communications and IT. Industry-tailored solutions are available for utilities, nuclear power, transportation, government, telecommunications, life sciences, and oil & gas.     From Wikipedia.

I've gained experience with Maximo through three different clients. The work involved was usually one of these types of projects:

Reporting: An MS Access database would be set up to link to the Maximo database. From there, numerous custom reports can be generated.

Interface: Automatically transferring data between the Maximo database and the company's accounting software.

Customizations: In the latest version of Maximo, Java classes can be programmed to provide added functionality to the Maximo user interface.